The Psycard for today is: The Work Card

The Psycard for today is: The Work Card

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Its off to work we go


Fortunate are you in life to find
True reward in your daily grind

“Work” is a — sometimes the — key ingredient in our lives, our identities and aspirations and hence the Work card is particularly rich in associations: successfully interpreting it depends on our ability to listen out for the associations that call out strongest for us, as we consider the card.

The Work card reminds us most obviously of our day-to-day working lives and our careers. It strongly alludes to our role in the bigger mechanics that power the world — that sense of being a cog in a bigger machine. (Although one disconnected cog in the top-left of the card reminds us of the exhilaration, or loneliness, of existing outside of larger institutions.)

Work is a key ingredient of our identities: who we are, the contribution we make to the world, and how we define ourselves. (To what degree our work matters varies from individual to individual.)  Understanding what is and is not important to our self-image, and the way that different situations can change that, is crucial to making the right decisions in life.

The Work card also reminds us of our obligations and duties — to the people we love, to the people that depend on us, our community, mankind and the planet beyond. How can an awareness of these best help us draw meaning from our reading?

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