Psycard For Today the 1st of April is: The Sun Card

Psycard For Today the 1st of April is:

The Sun Card


Bring me sunshine

Bring me happiness

Fortunate you. Its kindly ray
Prospers well your fate today

The Sun card is very positive. The sun is the first source of energy for all life on Earth, and all life develops to its seasonal tune. The card says the sun is shining, and we should take advantage and make hay while it continues to shine. We have worked hard, and now is a time to enjoy the fruits of our labour. It represents generosity.

The Sun card also stands for the masculine characteristics. It represents an analytic, logic-based approach. The most complicated problems should simplify laid out in its light. Problems need direct solutions, and the Sun card represents order and measurement. It also represents authority and bossiness.

The card warns us against more than authority. It warns us against overconfidence: we should enjoy basking in the sun’s rays, but not burn ourselves in them. As with all cards, we should apply a healthy, balanced approach.



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The power of Psycards

When you receive a deck of Psycards… put in the pouch. It’s personal and individual to you. Don’t let someone use your deck. It needs to be close to you or near your body. Your psychic energy needs to be close to you. It needs to be protected. A crystal near the Psycards or in the pouch helps you and Psycards to do their job and make flow the psychic power goes into you.

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40 Powerful Cards for divination. Psycards were created in 1980’s by Nick Hobson and were illustrated by Maggie Kneen. They are used around the world for divination and self-development.

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