Psycard For Today Saturday the 15th of April is: The Libido Card

Psycard For Today Saturday the 15th of April is:

The Libido Card


Time to have fun now that the weekend is here


The joy of life this potent juice
Is never yours for private use

The Libido card is about joy.

The card reminds us of the basic nature of joy. The bright colours, the naturalness of joy, vitality and virility. Joy is core to what makes us human.

We seek pleasure and shun pain. To do anything positive, without joy, is difficult indeed. Joy should be an ingredient behind everything we do, a source of energy that drives us forwards. We need to understand what makes us happy, and use that force to positive ends.

The card then reminds us to know our own nature and trust it.

It has another side to it, however. The card does not permit us to let our emotions take over. It asks us to channel them for good. To let pleasure run wild is not sustainable – there is an important difference between joy and self-indulgence; between making love and joyless, wanton coupling.

We need, then, to channel our natural energy – not to suppress it, nor to let it run amok. That means that we need to recognize it, understand its potency, and use it constructively.


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