Psycard for today is: The Death Card

Psycard for today is: The Death Card

The Death Card

OMG Not the Death card. When am I going to die?

Don’t fear this card… it seeks to send
This plea: ‘I want to be your friend’

The Death card does not mean physical death.

The card is about endings. All good things must come to an end, and often things must end before we can truly begin something new. The Death card alerts us to the end of something – maybe a relationship, a project, or an endeavour.

The card is also about fear. We fear both death and darkness, and the card asks us to face up to our fears and tackle them head on. Is there something in the situation we’re exploring with the Psycards that we secretly fear, and have not admitted, even to ourselves? An outcome or a course of events?

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The power of Psycards

When you receive a deck of Psycards… put in the pouch. It’s personal and individual to you. Don’t let someone use your deck. It needs to be close to you or near your body. Your psychic energy needs to be close to you. It needs to be protected. A crystal near the Psycards or in the pouch helps you and Psycards to do their job and make flow the psychic power goes into you.

Shuffle the deck properly. Everytime you use your deck it is better to shuffle the cards each time you use the cards. The element of chance gives the deck the power of uncertainty.

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40 Powerful Cards

  • 40 amazing cards illustrated by Maggie Kneen
  • For divination and Self-development
  • Psycards System created by Nick Hobson
  • Meaning and spreads included inside deck
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 85mm

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40 Powerful Cards for divination. Psycards were created in 1980’s by Nick Hobson and were illustrated by Maggie Kneen. They are used around the world for divination and self-development.

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