Preventing Cancer using Aura Photography & Regression

Edward Prevents Cancer using Aura Photography & Regression


Healing with Aura Photography

Healing with Aura Photography

Edward Murphy is a modern teacher; healer; medium; psychic who practices traditional

Aura scan using Aura Photography

methods and combines it using Aura Photography with the latest technology in his quest to revolutionize awareness & healing, combining it with Aura Photography

Individual scans interpretation your “Karmic” pathway.

*We are now working online analysing and interpreting the Aura scans

Emotional and Psychological Trauma

Healing Technique

Using Aura / Energy photography, the “Bodymind” connection Past-life regression/Hypnosis and our own unique Healing technique, we work on the “Emotional and Psychological” trauma area (the root of most problems today).

We then identify exactly where the issue is arising from and then give the client immediate feedback of the circumstances that caused it to occur in the first place.

We then tell them, how I will remove the problem and remedy it. There is always, an immediate improvement with each session and after a few sessions; a long and lasting healing takes place.

Healing session using Aura Photography

Do you wish to move on with your life!

Is this your problem?

Headaches, Loss of life direction, Disillusionment, Struggling with upsetting emotions, Frightening memories, a sense of constant danger, Stressful events that shatter your sense of security making you feel helpless and vulnerable in a dangerous world, A humiliating or deeply disappointing experience, The death of someone close, Break-up of a relationship, The discovery of a life threatening illness or disabling condition, An auto accident, Surgery especially in the first 3 years of life, Falls and sports injuries.


Its all about immunity!



Healing with Aura Photography

using Energy Field Illumination (EFI)

EFI (Energy Field Illumination) is like no Aura Photography you will have encountered and Edward Murphy believes he is the only one working with the energy field in this way. ( more people are taking this route now… 2003)

IMAGINE looking at a photograph and video of yourself and being able to actually SEE the unique ‘you’, clearly mapped out in the picture through a vibrant array of colours and detailed colour combinations.

Such a picture shows your emotional issues, your personality, your physical health, your psychic abilities – and more … your spiritual development, imprints of major life events, your particular talents, what you think about, what you dream about … and if all that is a little bit too much ‘you’ awareness, the Chakras and Meridians also show very clearly.

During an EFI session (in which an individual is photographed/videoed against a white background screen under full spectrum ambient lighting), a reading is given direct from the person’s recorded (head and shoulder) pictures and the Crown, Third Eye and Throat chakras can usually be seen.

These are important areas when giving a personal reading, as they reveal a person’s psychic abilities and spiritual development, the ways in which they draw on mystical inspiration and how they communicate and express themselves. * See more

Edward and his supporting team follow tried and tested ‘ground rules’ for interpretation – the particular colour combinations and where they show on the ‘map’ of someone’s physical body and their own energy field around them are very detailed and astonishingly accurate.

It seems that all the auric levels show up – from the spiritual to the physical auras, taking in the etheric, archetypal, imaginal, mental and emotional.

For personal readings, self-awareness can be gained in a way that tends to make clients leave in a positive frame of mind – it’s quite reassuring to have confirmation that who you believe you are can be ‘read’ from your energy field by a stranger, that you can be shown a picture of ‘You’!

This is remarkable – and knowing that this is not symbolic, your energy field at that time is actually photographed and recorded (clients are given a CD with copies of their video and photographs, to keep).

The smallest personality traits – such as a temper, a cynical view of life, a creative sense of humour – are indicated, yet Edward has also had clients whose energy field pictures showed near-death experience in childhood, particular spiritual guides, past life and karmic connections and indications of psychic abilities and how these were being used. The client is shown the indications on their picture, throughout the full reading.

Whilst clients do tend to go away happy and reassured about their life direction and their identity, there are often ‘wake up calls’ – for example, ‘old’ energy from past emotional trauma can be seen and – as a devotee of the Body-Mind Connection – Edward has had many occasions when it is clear that past issues are beginning to manifest in the physical body as pre-illness problems. The type of traumatic energy which can lead to illnesses such as cancer can be clearly identified, and obviously this is an area of EFI scans which Edward is researching with particular care and attention to detail, and from past experience can offer appropriate advice and guidance.

The approach that he and his team take is to be sensitive, empathetic and responsible in offering guidance, suggesting which areas need to be addressed. They find, in fact, that in most cases the client already ‘knows’ what is happening in their lives and in their body and really did want a confirmation, as the spur to taking appropriate action. The Body-Mind connections really are significant when applied to a person’s physical aura. The most commonplace physical problem in EFI sessions is sinus problems – about one-in-four people show this on their scans.

Edward tells of many EFI sessions where clients were really helped (the testimonials do bear witness to a lot of very satisfied clients), such as a man in late middle age who (it transpired, at the end of the reading) had always longed to work as a healer but had been ‘fed’ negative discouragement by his family all his life, so that he had absolutely no confidence that he could ever work in that way and that he was foolish to think he could. His photograph showed strongly someone with so much healing energy around and within him that the reader assumed he had been a healer for many years. It was an emotional moment for him to realise that he was a ‘natural born’ healer and it gave him the confidence to resolve to use his gift from that time on – although he would have been giving out some of the remarkable healing energy around him already, aware of it or not.

It seems quite odd that a sensitive array of vibrant colours that form totally unique patterns on and around the body could show such diverse significant factors, from boxing to an animal spirit guide, from headaches in particular areas to an especially nostalgic frame of mind, from an ability to diagnose psychological problems to a strong acting ability and love of performance; from someone who can see auras to someone who is not visual and cannot remember even faces; from a deep love of Nature and Earth energies to Mediumship abilities. But what gives most pleasure to people is watching during filmed sessions at workshops – during healing, the higher spiritual colours, and then the white light, stream into the patient’s energy field; it’s phenomenal.

Edward has also filmed mediums channeling – the colours and the shapes of the energy lines change immediately with a direct, vertical shift from the high levels into the medium’s aura and physical body.

Other areas explored have included filming horses, crystals, ley lines, plants, Tibetan bowls and other sound energy; these are areas that can be explored during workshops, as can concentrating on particular chakras. Particular therapists have a specific interest in, for example, the meridians and how they relate to acupuncture points, or to reflexology. All holistic therapies, from iridology to Indian head massage, can benefit from using EFI, because a therapist can actually SHOW a patient a picture of the areas they are treating, and the patient’s change in well-being, seen from their energy field, can be monitored – this is a huge step forwards.

Edward is especially keen for others working in holistic areas to take on the EFI system for themselves to develop the use of energy field illumination in their own directions – using the maps of the meridians, for example, in therapies such as acupuncture and reflexology, or just as a visual tool to monitor a patient’s wellbeing. As such, he has put together a whole package of all the appropriate equipment needed, at cost price, together with a training course; you can learn how to interpret the EFI pictures during the Stage 1 three-day course, with further detailed training relating to the chakras and meridians as a second option. He gives demonstrations for any groups, clinics or centres who are interested in purchasing, and is finding that a lot of people recognise that this is an area that is really gaining prominence and they would like to be at the forefront of this new direction. “At fairs and festivals, people are drawn to it, they really are fascinated and recognise how unique a session is” he says, “but it’s really only during a two-day workshop that you can see the potential of what EFI can be used for. We are starting to do demonstrations for students at colleges, too; it’s an area that really should be on the curriculum for holistic studies and we have a few ideas about this.”

As a healer and healer trainer, Edward is also a gifted clairvoyant, yet for EFI readings he and his team are most particular about not using their intuitive abilities, but to stick to the ground rules for interpretation. The predictive element of readings are taken from a particular area of the photograph – as a person’s energy flows ahead of them, forming their life issues ahead of the physical body.

A growing comprehension of the importance of vibrational energy – healing energy, sound energy, auric energy, crystals, leylines and so on – is bringing together a multitude of diverse therapies and, it seems, a growing collective awareness of the energy field of others, plus a deeper recognition of colour.

Whilst everyone can learn to see the etheric aura within a few minutes, sensitives can see many of the different auric levels, as a corona of coloured light flowing around a body; EFI appears to show all these levels, from the physical to the spiritual auric levels and, in addition, the Chakras and Meridians of the body. This is a phenomenal move forwards in energy field awareness.

This is the very latest technology and gives astonishing results, a huge progression from the Kirlian and aura photography of the past 30 years, EFI is a totally new stage of energy field visualisation.

OKEKO Healing

Over the past 20 years, he has developed his Healing abilities, not only with the laying on of hands, but using various skills, such as :- Hypnotherapy, Past life Regression Psychology and other skills. Specializing in releasing the persons personal trauma, which in many cases if not dealt with, will cause such illnesses as Cancer ME Myalgic Encephalomyelitis MS Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus. In many cases, success is virtually guaranteed, if the client really wants an effective cure. It is a non invasive approach allowing the client to maintain his/her self esteem. Also working on low self esteem and confidence loss, a client will grow stronger by the day and after only a few sessions, the client will be ready to face the world again, full of confidence and self esteem.

Working on the trauma areas and using energy photography, he pinpoint exactly where the issue is arising from. The client is photographed before and after each session so that the client not only feels the benefit of the session, but can see the progress as well. There is always an immediate improvement in the clients well being after each session and after a few session, a long term lasting improvement takes place.

Showing ADHD

Working with children who have ADHD Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, the treatment is not to cure it, as he has his limits, but to help the child escape from the continuing nightmares that regularly occur within this problem. This is a unique and novel approach which isn’t practiced anywhere ,that he is aware of. It is also something that the child can carry forward into adulthood thus enabling them a better quality of life, which would otherwise be denied to them.Sessions are by appointment only.

Semyon Kirlian

Since the 1930’s, when Semyon Kirlian (Kirlian Photography) discovered the means to visualise the energy field present around all living things, auric imaging took major steps forward during our preview of the Aquarian Age in the 1960’s. Now – as we go into the Age of Aquarius and an era when the harnessing of modern technology and holistic principles has the potential to be used for the benefit of all – it is at an incredibly exciting stage.

A growing comprehension of the importance of vibrational energy – healing energy, sound energy, auric energy, crystals, leylines and so on – is bringing together a multitude of diverse therapies and, it seems, a growing collective awareness of the energy field of others, plus a deeper recognition of colour.

Dr Harry Oldfield

VIBRATIONAL ENERGY ILLUMINATION of PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES looks set to be a major new direction in the twenty-first century. Dr Harry Oldfield, who invented Polycontrast Interference Photography (“PIP”) said: “vibrational medicine will be the medicine of the (21st) century”.

Philip Solomon ( article from the Psychic News )

Last week in Somerset I came across a most interesting therapy. I had been demonstrating mediumship at Glastonbury Town Hall, and during the day in the hall, they had several therapists exemplifying their various gifts and wares and it was a most interesting psychic event.
One gentleman working there, Edward Murphy, had a machine linked to a computer that produced photographs a bit like aura photography, but not in the way many of us would have encountered before. It was called EFI (Energy Field Illumination) and described as the latest, most remarkable aura photography yet seen, and was claimed to show up health (I am led to believe even the traditional medical profession is looking at its uses), psychic abilities, emotions, potential, character, spirituality, and could also be predictive in context.
My wife, Kath, decided to try this out to see what it was like. I have to tell you I have always been a bit sceptical of ordinary aura photographs. As a highly developed medium who clearly sees the real aura, these photographs always seem to me to be not of the same visions that I see, but then it must be remembered many people do see the aura differently and it is the interpretation that is important. But I think it is reasonable to say many of the aura cameras that have usually come out of America are very similar to the heat-seeking cameras the police and, more specifically, the fire brigade have used for many years to find people trapped in buildings, etc.
But apparently this is something very different. The imaging technique looks at a photograph and video of an individual who is then able to actually see allegedly themselves and their energy field in a picture with an array of colours around them that can be interpreted to explain emotional issues, your personality type, your physical health and apparently even latent healing or psychic abilities.
My wife was told at an EFI session that the individual is photographed or filmed against a plain white background with ambient lighting and a reading is then given from a person’s recorded head and shoulder areas, and that the crown, third eye and chakras will be visible for interpretation. Any trained psychic will know these are important areas, particularly if you are an aura reader, to offer an interpretation or advice to your client. It is claimed that the machine shows all the aura levels up from the spiritual to the physical aura. The personal reading that follows is said to help with self-awareness and helps clients have a positive overview of themselves.
Kath was rather surprised to find her reading showed up an old injury to one of her eyes, a long-term chest condition, and that she was a very down-to-earth person, capable of dealing with stress (she has to be, living with me!), and even that she had Celtic connections. As the one side of her family are Irish, this was accurate, as was the reading of some of the medical conditions she has had in the past. People are then apparently given a CD with copies of their video and photographs on it to keep. Other personality traits such as character type, life experiences and natural gifts such as healing or mediumistic skills could be indicated.

Eddie told Kath they give demonstrations to groups, clinics, centres and festivals and that people are becoming increasingly drawn towards EFI as they begin to understand the potential uses it could have. Eddie who is a clairvoyant and healer himself, is always very careful about not using or allowing his team to bring their intuitive abilities into readings with EFI, but purely keeping to the ground rules of the machine for interpretation and advice. The predictive side of readings are offered from a special area of the photograph that shows the energy that moves around the client. Eddie also told us there are other workshops that are ongoing and planned for the future throughout the UK, and that it is most beneficial to take the two-day workshops to really appreciate the work.
I must say both my wife and I found this to be an interesting therapy and I thought our readers at Psychic News might like to know more about it too. I shall certainly look more carefully at this therapy in the future and try to find out how and why it works, because I think it is always important to keep up to speed with all new therapies and to look at them with an open mind and consider this is an important part of singular and group progression, and of course nothing is ever more important than that, dear readers.

Philip Solomon serves all churches with demonstrations of mediumship, usually with a weekend workshop. He also offers pre-arranged group private readings evenings and weekends. Write with s.a.e. to
PO Box 141, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 3QR, for details

The term (EFI) Energy Field Illumination was the name that we used in previous years.





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