Meditate Into The Light-Ajna Light Experience-Open day Energise Training Centre Cambuslang Glasgow 7th October 2017

Meditate Into The Light

with the

Ajna Light Experience

Open day

Energise Training Centre

Cambuslang Glasgow

7th October 2017


Ajna light – Neuro light – Pyra light – Nasal IR light


3 Mansion St, Cambuslang, Glasgow G72 7JN


Costs: Free entry

Contact: 07889 815165

Ajna Light Experience will be demonstrating:-


Ajna light- Neuro light

Pyra light – Nasal IR light


This is an unique opportunity to experience this live in Glasgow.

Since we started we have been trialing these unique healing products with amazing effect.

What we will do on the day

  • Take your Aura / Energy before and after the session

  • Either a healing/ Balance / Awareness session with the Ajna light

  • Use the Pyra light

  • Use the Nasal IR light

  • The Neuro light is limited to one person so it will be difficult to try it out due too the numbers

  • It all depends on the numbers on the day whether we do: one / two / three sessions.

Ajna Light Experience

The Ajna Light Experience is where first take a before and after Aura/Energy photograph of a session to have a visual record of our progress and experiences.

Whatever light that we use we always do this because we can monitor or healing progress during subsequent sessions.

  • We always supply our clients with a copy of their photos.


Ajna light

With the Ajna light we have been mainly using it as a healing tool working on the brainwaves.

We also use it for developing our meditation techniques and using it to enhance our Psychic and Spiritual abilities as well as for healing addictions.

We focus on the Pineal gland with it (third eye) and often see a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns.

Meditate into the light,Ajna Light Experience,Open day,Glasgow,Ajna light,Neuro light,Pyra light,Nasal IR light,
Before the session
Meditate into the light,Ajna Light Experience,Open day,Glasgow,Ajna light,Neuro light,Pyra light,Nasal IR light,
After the session




A small clip of an Ajna / Pyra light session

Pyra light

With the Pyra light we use this mainly for healing and it is very successful working on the cellular level.

When it is used in conjunction with the Ajna light we get very powerful healing results, so much so that we often feel a total feeling of fulfillment and experience an uplifting sensations.

I personally sleep with it under my pillow and the extra energy that I get everyday is truly remarkable.

When a glass of water is placed on the Pyra light pad the water is then structured after a couple of minutes and taste softer to what was before.

Neuro light

NEURO LIGHT – Total Brain Wellness

When you signal the brain, you message the mind.

The Neuro light works on presets for healing and can be used for:


  • Neuro plasticity
  • Brain skills
  • Enhancing intelligence
  • Enhancing co-ordination
  • Improving memory
  • Wellness

As an approach to Brain Wellness, consider the Neuro Light as a Brain “Exercise”, “Nutrition” and “Learning”. As Wellness, it is not designed as “treatment” or “therapy”.

Nasal IR light

The Nasal light can be used for:


  1. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (such as high blood sugar blood pressure and diabetics)
  2. Rhinitis (allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, sinusitis and turbinate hypertrophy)
  3. Pharyngitis (acute and chronic pharyngitis)
  4. Otitis media
  5. Sudden tinnitus, deafness

If you are coming then please read or terms & conditions first

*See our terms & conditions


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