Immunity To Cancer

Immunity To Cancer



What works best?

For me its simply prevention!


You have been looking around for cures remedies etc and been at a loss for anything positive right!

If I were in your shoes the first thing that I would do, is go and see a Hypnotherapist/Regressionist, yest that’s right!



To go to the root of your trauma as that is where it manifests itself. Forget about the places, foods, envirorments or whatever they have told you, its Trauma that’s what has caused it.

Think back on your life for a moment and allow yourself to think back clearly and you will remember the trauma that you have encountered in your life and haven’t dealt with it. You have maybe pushed it to the back of your mind to try and forget all about it, Right!

Have you tried Cannabis oil or MMS ?


MMS Before you think about using MMS do some research on it first as it has had a lot of bad press as well.

Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil This is something that’s had a lot of good press and you should also check it out first. If you are a resident of Spain perhaps then its available there that I know of.

Have a good look around the site as I have spoken about the Prevention of cancer in depth.

Here are some studies that I picked up from the BBC make of them what you will.

Prostate cancer

A new gene therapy technique is able to modify prostate cancer cells so that a patient’s body attacks and kills them, US scientists have discovered.

The technique causes the tumour cells in the body to self-destruct, giving it the name ‘suicide gene therapy’.

Their research found a 20% improvement in survival in patients with prostate cancer five years after treatment.

A cancer expert said more research was needed to judge its effectiveness.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK with more than 41,000 diagnosed each year.


Why is cancer so common?

Hundreds of thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK. It is not one disease; there are over 200 different types, each with its own symptoms, methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Can You Cure My Cancer?





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