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We are a free spirited site that actively promotes:

Healing, Wellbeing, Divination, Organic produce and Learning to Share.


Are you a free spirit? Or just someone who is searching and not really getting anywhere?

The Free Spirit Directory is always looking for free spirits to include in our editorial.

Conditions that you must meet are:

All material must be original and then we will feature you on our site with links to your own website etc. Is this something that can be mutually beneficial to both of us?

Can you write a blog?

We would love to have you as a guest blogger from time to time or if you are so inclined, a regular contributor.

Do you have a website?

We can help you make one or even supply you wit a low cost page/3 page/5 page one.

more to come

 Holistic websites

We make low costs Holistic websites. We know that you always don’t know what you really want as we were all in that position in the past so we understand your needs. As therapists ourselves we kinda of know what you need so we are there for you till you get started.

We also have a number of premium domain names that you can use absolutely free of charge.

For example, how about:

We have more to chose form so have a think about which one you would like.

Please remember that this website is still under constuction


Edward Murphy

Annette O’Donnell



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