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Love Movement Evolution (Tantra)
(7- 8 /5/16)
at the Salisbury Center.
Special guest from India & Sweden: Binoy Milton will create a safe & deeply nourishing space for Edinburgh folk to nourish the body, mind, and soul. The events will last 3 hours and take place in the evening. They can be attended together or separately.
EARLY BIRD OFFER until 25th April (£40).
”The weekend is an invitation to attend a deep process, combining consciousness, sharing, movement, breath, sound, and touch. It is also a celebration of the Eros and intimacy of life”. – B. Milton
We will be working with our boundaries and active co-creation of safe space throughout the journey.
Movement helps to connect us back to our primate/amphibious nature. Breath connects us to a primary experience of reality. Sound creates frequencies of vibration to connect us back to the greater oneness around us. Touch is the form of nutrition that is vital to creating a sense of bliss and ease in human beings.
ASK for more details
call / text: 07825565803:


BEST SELLER in 2015 !
Awaken Women
A 5-week personal growth programme for women, which combines:
~ weekly online materials, 
~ 3 x gatherings.

This is a relaxed, joyful, deeply transformative programme aimed at gaining more clarity and building inner strength based on trust and self-acceptance. Become your best friend & your own medicine woman!

ATTENTION : Taster workshop on 1st of May: (5 hours, £45).
Try the one-day workshop and then decide if you would like to join the 5-week programme. The whole programme is a combination of live and online classes in Edinburgh. Here is a link to the Facebook description.
ASK for more details
call / text: 
LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/1143736845658391/
(starts 25/4/16)

Receive online material for self-study over 4 weeks’ time & attend one RED MOON Circle gathering in May.
Although it has not been celebrated as such in modern culture, menstruation is a beautiful & powerful phase in the life cycles of empowered women. The Sages of the ancient spiritual traditions knew well about the power of a woman’s Red Moon time. Such knowledge was well treasured!
This is an invitation to embark on an intimate journey to rediscover the deeper meanings and the medicine of the menstrual cycles. It consists in a 4-week online programme, which will end with a RED MOON circle gathering of all participants in Edinburgh.
Book with only £45, which covers basic costs. Once we complete the programme and you feel empowered to empower others through this work, you are welcome to give a DONATION. This will benefit many other women, despite the financial situation.
The standard cost of such programme is £90/£100.


If you would like to have more information about any of the above courses or events but you do not use Facebook, please send me an email mentioning the training you are interested in, and I will provide you with all the details. You can also visit my website, which will soon be available with all the relevant info.


FREE Mindfulness Based Living course (8 weeks)  As a part of our preparation to certify as mindfulness teachers, we are offering FREE
Mindfulness training in Roslin for 8 weeks, every Monday starting on 18th April 7pm-9pm.
This a great opportunity because the average cost of such a course is £200
We only ask for a donation of £1/£2 per session to cover the venue costs.

BOOK ASAP (only 3 spaces left) Facilitators: Karo Tashi & Susan Paterson.


BOOK initial Skype session £15




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