Walking the LochsEdward is a modern teacher; healer; medium; psychic who practices traditional methods and combines it with the latest technology in his quest to revolutionize awareness & healing, combining it with Aura/Energy photography.



Taking Energy Healing to another level in a most unorthodox way, Edward Deals with his clients trauma and shows them how he will remove it so that they can progress through their lives in a way that was intended for them.

Take Cancer for example!

Most people think that is either inherited or maybe it happens because they have eaten something bad or because of their environment.  They are partly right about their environment but not for the reason that they think!


Edward Dealing with trauma!


Trauma removed

This is a very good example of someone who has been dealing with her past trauma.

The Dark blue area is what is remaining  The Green area is where Healing has taken place

This person is not likely to get Cancer because she is dealing with her “Trauma”


Trauma is the problem and a lot of the time you are not even aware of it because you have put it to the back of your mind; in your subconscious mind; yes that’s right!  You think its gone! Well it hasn’t, its still there festering away in the back of your mind. Scarey eh!  Well not really if you know whats really going on. 

Get rid of your trauma and all is well!

So how do we accomplish this?

Its actually quite simple if you know how. Go and find a reputable Hypnotherapist/Regressionist and have a couple of sessions with them. I can soon tell you if you have trauma/hidden trauma by using energy photography online so you don’t have to travel a million miles just to come and see me, do you?

Some feedback from very satisfied clients

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