Doorway to the Psyche

Doorway to the Psyche

The Psyche

The ‘psyche’ is the Greek word for the spirit. Through Psycards we can begin to understand the exciting world of psychic phenomena. It makes you aware the hidden gift you have of seeing things further. It also helps you build intuition and stretches your imagination. Whether you are a creative artist or seeking to understand how people work, it makes you take an extra imaginative leap into new territory–the spiritual world.

www.psychicnews.coIntegrate your psychic insight with Psycards. Both health and psychology are connected to the pychic world. If you are interested in angels, astrology, auras chakras, channelling, clairvoyance, faith healing, crystals, mediums, runes, witches, spiritual healing, you will be fascinated by Psycards. They enhance your awareness of your self and of other people around you.

How psychic are you? Some people can see glimmerings into the future and have uncanny feelings about the world around us. 50% of us are to some degree psychic. Many times, intuitive awareness runs in families. Many people can develop it. Psycards can teach you how to become more intuitive whether you’re with friends and family or whether you seek to be a professional ‘reader’

Building creativity. If you are a counsellor or a therapist you will find Psycards encourage other people to explain their inner feelings. If you are a novelist or an artist you can open the doors for your characters or subjects and see new possibilities for their future.

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