Casa de Cajiz: Healing on the “Archangel Michael” Leyline

Aurelio's casa: Healing on the "Archangel Michael" LeylineCasa de Cajiz:

Healing on the “Archangel Michael” Leyline

“The Cajiz Project”

We need “Your” Help

To Make our “Dream” a Reality
Edward showing the white light entering a healing session.

Why should you help us?

Because we have the experience and expertise in prevention and healing techniques that can be used to heal others in need where  help would not be otherwise available.

What you can do!


Spread the Word

Give generously

Join us


 Our Aims & Objectives


To purchase the property and turn it into a safe healing sanctuary for the benefit of others.

What we wont do is to try and heal all the world and everyone in it, we will leave that to others and we will do what we can

What we have:


We have the promise of two properties, one which we can     purchase outright and the other to use as we see fit.


Where are they:


The campo De Cajiz, Velez Malaga, Spain.


What we will use them for:

Healing, Healing retreats, Training Living the life


What are we doing right now

Working on the roof

Renovating both properties


“What we need”


Investment to purchase the property

What are the costs involved:


Stage one:

Total investment required £35,000

  • Purchase of the property

  • For Solar power lighting & energy

  • Installation of water

  • Refurbishment of property

  • Equipment used in Healing techniques


What are the “Stages”


Stage one

Purchase and renovation of property


Stage Two

Purchase of ruin and land adjacent to the casa and renovation.  The constructing of an Eco village of straw houses for the use of the residents and guests.


Stage Three

Purchase of land surrounding the casa and developing it by planting organic produce.

The People involved



Healer, Psychic, Medium, Aura Photographer,

Therapist, Psycard reader, Cancer Prevention Adviser



Aurelio Oct 2006 314


Organic Fruit, Vegetable & Sugar Cane grower

Raw food specialist and founder of the La Axarquia Sugar Cane growers association





Interested in our project?


What to do next

if you want

to be involved in our project




How you can help us

How we can help you


Live work and grow with us

You have to pay a little for your food and accommodation

We live on a diet of fresh organic fruit/veg

You like fish/meat then you buy it and cook it

We don’t encourage smoking

We don’t encourage drinking but if you like a glass of wine with your evening meal then that’s ok with us

We live approx six k from the beach (we always drive there)

Nearest village etc 3 k (sometimes we walk there)

We don’t have local buses

We always go into town every Tuesday to the market

What is your preferred form of transport?

Do you like walking

Is living next to a goat farm okay with you

We don’t have disabled facilities

Your human rights are not violated in any way

We don’t have our own Cats or Dogs. The neighbour does and they don’t tolerate outsiders, they are the boss. You can adopt a puppy or kitten if you want and it will be your total responsibility.

In the summer when it is to hot, we go to Aurelio’s beach to chill and laze. The beach next to it was voted the third best beach in Spain but we prefer his, he calls it “Paradise” but we don’t tell others about it, its a secret.

What next?

How to prevent Cancer

How to cure it

What would I do if I had Cancer!





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