Buying your own personal Ajna Light

Buying your own personal Ajna Light

If you would like to purchase an Ajna light or a Neuro light then click the link for all details of how to purchase one.

Buy your own light

Ajna light experience

We love Healing with the Ajna light experience.

That’s why we want you to share our ajna light experience with you!

Buying your own personal Ajna Light

A Cottage Industry Product

The Ajna Light Experience is a Cottage Industry product. Each Ajna Light is made by hand by the designer, Guy Harriman, at his Healing Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is a low volume product, so that each Ajna Light can carry the vibration and intention of healing directly from the Healing Center. It is not available through any corporate sales channel, or as an OEM product for rebranding, just directly from the designer. This is to keep the purity of intention clear, so that only those who are connected to this vibration are involved in creating and sharing the Ajna Light.

Ambassadors of the Light

The Ajna Light is carried through the world by Ambassadors of the Light, the people who have trained at Lanna Yoga with Guy, and experienced many sessions. They have shown real passion for this work, and wish to share it with others, to raise consciousness through Light Self Therapy. They create a web of love and light from the Healing Center throughout the world by offering the Ajna Light for you to experience. The Ambassadors of the Light provide personal peer to peer sharing of the Ajna Light, rather than the impersonal retail distribution of the product in the corporate model. We are consciously using the divine feminine way of reaching out to our customers, rather than the old male energy hierarchical way. If you have experienced the Ajna Light, it is thanks to one of the Light Ambassadors. You are also welcome to visit the Healing Center in Chiang Mai to try the light for free. Over 200 people experienced the Ajna Light in the first half of 2014, giving feedback to help improve the product from the first prototype which was working in January 2014.

What you will Receive

  • Flexible tripod stand for demo use
    • 12v Power adapter
    • Universal plug adapter and surge suppressor
    • Earphones
    • Demo mp3 files
    • 18 specially composed .ajna Light Sequence programs, of varying length and intensity
    • iLST Sequence Generator

The price of the Ajna Light 3 (AL3) inclusive of worldwide shipping, is USD $3333

The Ajna Light comes with a flexible tripod stand, power supply, universal plug adapter and earphones. It is ready to use out of the box. The flexible tripod is great for sitting in front of the light at a table. You may prefer to use a standard camera tripod instead, so you can lie down while using the light. Over 300 demo mp3 files are provided so you can select you can select an appropriate style of music for your personal Light journeys. These demo songs are shared to let you experience the Ajna Light immediately, but it is very easy to delete them all and upload your own favorite music. Music cannot be downloaded, just uploaded and deleted as you need.
intentional Light Self Therapy (iLST) Sequence Generator

The Ajna Light comes with a very powerful iLST Light Sequence generator, which allows you to easily select brainwave frequencies,as well as light brightness and pattern duration so you can use your intention to create your own unique light journey. In addition, composed light sequences are provided. The iLST sequence can be set as a one, three, or five stage journey. This allows you to start in a relaxing alpha brainwave state, then have a visionary theta state in the middle of your journey, and end in a delta deep meditation state, for example. All the pattern generator parameters are set for each stage of the journey, so you have complete control over the light sequence you generate. You can read more about iLST under the About tab. You can also read about using iLST if you click the info icon in the home page of the Ajna Lamp website app.

Light Sequence Downloads

Over time, more composed light sequences will be available from us on our website. You can download these to your laptop or desktop, and then by connecting to your Ajna Light’s WiFi Access Point, you can upload these light files to your Ajna Light.

The file type is .ajna, developed specifically for the Ajna Light.

Warranty and Support

There is a one year warranty for the Ajna Light, providing that the light has been used normally. The owner pays for shipping costs to Thailand for repair, and the cost of shipping back to you is covered under the warranty. It is very important to shut down the Ajna Light each time after finishing to use it, just like you would shutdown a PC or Mac. This allows the light server computer inside the Ajna Light to cleanly shut down before removing power. The Ajna Light is a full computer, so the same care needs to be provided to provide it with a stable power source and to shut down cleanly, or the SD card on the light computer can fail and the light will no longer boot. If you live in an area with an unreliable power, as in some parts of Asia and Africa, buy a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system to protect the Ajna Lamp. This will keep the Ajna Light powered if the main power goes out for a few minutes, allowing you to click the shutdown icon on the Ajna Lamp control web pages served by the Lamp. If you remove power without shutting down, and the light fails, you are not covered by the warranty.

We wish you many blessings for your journeys with the light, and welcome you to the Ajna Light family.

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If you would like to purchase an Ajna light or a Neuro light then click the link for all details of how to purchase one.

Buy your own light

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