Ajna Light Experience Workshop The Energise centre, Cambuslang, Glasgow UK

Ajna Light Experience Workshop

The Energise centre, Cambuslang, Glasgow UK



Ajna Light Therapy

This is an Aura/Energy scan taken whilst during the Ajna Light Experience

Using Brainwave entrainment to balance the Body and Soul

Aims and objectives of the workshop

To heal our mind and body allowing us to experience our Soul journey

Photograph sequence

  1. Before the event commenced
  2. After the first session
  3. After the second session
  4. After the final session

The next sequence of photos are of group member one:

You can quite clearly see the healing transformation in this client’s Auric field as the progression through out the various healing stages occur.


The next sequence of photos are of group member two:


The next sequence of photos are of group member three:


A new experience

It was a new experience for the group and when asked to say how they felt, there answer was of a healing had taken place.

Trying to describe their feelings was difficult for them as they had never experienced anything like this before.

From my experiences of using the Ajna light, I can say that it was a feeling of a deep healing and blissful revelation.

The first session consists of a healing, balancing the Mind, Body and Energy field.

By simulating the Schumann resonance we align our energies to be in one with the planet, hence the saying:

“Being in the flow”


The second session consists of the healing stage

This is where we use the Delta and Theta brainwaves to produce the healing event.

Brainwave Entrainment

The third part was the vision stage using the Gamma brainwaves.

The Soul Journey

This is the main aim of the workshop. Only once when the person has been able to delete all their emotional issues and are clear from life’s residues can we embark on this journey.

Everyone is given the opportunity to embark on this journey but not everyone is ready for it due to their personal circumstances.

It took me ten healing sessions to be in a position to be able to commence that far and even now I still prefer  more healing journeys as I continue to dispense with my life’s emotional issues.

I don’t have a “magic” wand and neither do you so we are all in the same boat together.

Some of us are more advanced in our life’s journey and have undergone various healings and therapies to get to where we are right now.

The bottom line is. There is no easy and fast quick fix, nope, you can talk the talk but you need to walk the walk first.



The workshop details

  1. We started by have our energy photographed for comparison as a before and after record.
  2. Our first session was to balance our energies. To do this we used the Schumann settings of the light. This allowed us to balance our energies and be in one with the planet.
  3. More photography so that we could compare our energy changes at a later moment.
  4. We then had a break where we could do a question and answer session
  5. Our next session was a healing session using the Delta and Theta settings of the light. This produced a feeling of healing, peace and tranquility.
  6. More photography so that we could compare our energy changes at a later moment.
  7. More Questions and answers.
  8. Lunch and munch time and more questions and answers.
  9. The last session was the beginning of the visions and soul journey  so we were prepared for a future moment. We used the Gamma light setting for this.
  10. More photography so that we could compare our energy changes at a later moment.
  11. More Questions and answers.
  12. We then had a sample comparison of the energy photos taken so far.
  13. More Questions and answers.
  14. Workshop ended

All photos are the copyright of Edward Murphy and members are given a copy for their own personal use upon agreeing for the photos to be used for future research and advertising purposes.

All music used was uploaded from youtube.

Workshop 1 music
Session one.
Balance: The music was 432Hzs Balance and Harmony and was played for 47 minutes. Music optimum length is 1.11.11 minutes.
Session two.
Healing: The music was 432Hzs Cell repair music of Healing and Tibetan singing bowls 1 and was played for 4o minutes. Music optimum length is 1.05.33 minutes.
Session three, Visions: The music was Echo of small things by Robert Rich and was played for 40 minutes. Music optimum length is 1.01.15 minutes.

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We will be making a new dedicated website for the Ajna Light Experience and the Neuro Light Experience soon.

Contact me in person at email: ed@whoohoo.co

Edward is a modern teacher; healer; medium; psychic; who practices traditional healing methods and combines it with the latest technology in his quest to revolutionize awareness & healing, combining it with Aura/Energy photography and the Ajna Light Experience.

He is also a Ajna Ambassador.Light

See his facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ajnalightexperience/






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