Ajna Light Experience Workshop Cambuslang Glasgow

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Cambuslang Glasgow

Energise Unit: 1a Mansion street, Cambuslang, Glasgow

Tel 07889 815165

The Ajna Light Experience-

An amazing experience towards Enlightenment.

Welcome to A three part journey:

Balancing your Body – Energising your Mind – Seeking Enlightenment

Each journey is between 30-40 minutes

To begin the workshop each individual will receive an Aura/Energy photograph. Followed by discussions on what can be achieved on your first journey with the light. After the session we will photograph your auric field again and discuss the results.

For smaller groups and where time permitting we may take an intermediate photo to compare the various stages of progression.

The workshop is limited to 15 places on a first come basis. A non refundable deposit is required to secure your place.

The Ajna light experience penetrates the Pineal gland (third eye) creating an opening to the spiritual realms.

Balancing the body, mind and spirit allows us to go far beyond that where we have ever ventured before.

The ultimate aim is to advance our soul journey towards Enlightenment. Initially we discover: What needs healing; Our physical, emotional and mental and  even spiritual blocks; limiting beliefs and limiting decisions that maybe be buried in our sub/ unconsciousness minds.

Progression consists of removing all limitations that are holding us back to creating that life that we long for. Aligning our emotions to that which we desire; to fulfil our souls true  purpose of making a difference in this world; and living the life we love.

Journey One (Balancing your energies)

Balancing and grounding your energies. Creating the perfect internal environment to initiate the healing process.

Journey Two – Releasing negative emotions and bringing forth limiting beliefs and decisions.

The second part highlights the triggers in the conscious awareness as it releases (at your own pace) what the sub/unconsciousness mind feels that you can cope with. Our spiritual journey continues as we release ‘baggage’ that has accumulated from before birth, past life or handed down through ancestral generations.

This is not going to happen in one session, as that would be too easy. However it truly is the beginning of a brand new you.

This introduction shows you what we can achieve with the Ajna Light Experience. Let’s take this journey together.

Journey Three- The Soul Journey continues:

For the more ‘awakened’ light workers this journey brings guidance from your Higher Self, guides and higher frequencies as you could ever imagine.

For the majority of us on this journey we continue the healing process. No one claims instant Enlightenment! As this truly is a path of self-dedication, commitment and discipline.

What are the longings and discontentment of your soul? What is your dream of living the life you truly love?

Come along and experience the light and know that you have chosen to begin or continue on an amazing journey towards Enlightenment .

For all you technical minded souls out there, don’t hesitate to ask for a supplement leaflet.

For more information on the Ajna Light Experience follow us on Facebook. LOVE LIGHT  .   https://www.facebook.com/groups/ajnalightexperience/

 A copy of your aura scans will be sent to you via email.

Currently workshops are not available to anyone with serious eye conditions or epilepsy. Individual sessions are available which use much lower frequencies tailored to needs.


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