About us We love Healing and the Ajna light experience

About us

We love Healing


The Ajna light experience

Free Spirit Directory….

We love Healing and we are here to provide you with an opportunity to learn and share with us.

We mainly concentrate on the Ajna light experience

which works on the Pineal gland.

If you are a free spirit person and would like to share your work with us, then drop us a line.
We also create professional looking Holistic websites from a range of themes so that you can take your website one step ahead. We focus on simplicity, elegant design and clean code.

We can arrange for you Healing retreat in Spain and Mexico where it’s nice and warm.




Annette O’Donnell

Donald Moore

Barbara Menses

We like to walk the Leylines especially the “Michael” leyline

From Hopton on sea to Malaga in Spain.

We work with the Ajna Light and Aura Energy photography

We call this the Ajna Light Experience and we travel with it.

We like to promote other people’s work for free

See our free spirit people list


To make a payment or donation

















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