Psycard For Today Tuesday the 18th of April is: The Peace Card

Psycard For Today Tuesday the 18th of April is:

The Peace Card


A day of reflection
Is it time to come to terms with yourself. Don’t you think it’s time for a bit of peace and quiet in your life?


You’ll find yourself somewhere apart
To grow a garden in your heart

The Peace card represents two things:

Firstly it stresses our need for tranquillity. The modern world is hectic and it is easy to rush from one activity to another. Unless we stop and give ourselves the space, and the peace, to reflect and meditate, our psyche’s will suffer and we will be weaker. Peace, then, is strength. Inner peace leads to outer strength.

Secondly, the card represents spiritual growth. This has many elements. Reconciling ourselves with guilt and shame is part of this.  so too is self-understanding. Spiritual growth requires that we know ourselves, and are at peace with ourselves. It requires us not to lie to ourselves about who we are, what we feel, what matters to us, what we expect of ourselves and how well we measure up against our own expectations.


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